Hey, book lovers.

So I finished the first draft of my novel earlier today. I mean there’s still a ton of edits to do and some of it has to be typed up, but apart from that I’m able to say I’ve completed another novel. And I’m so happy that I couldn’t even think about reading one of my favourite books earlier. I’m so excited about where this could go if I do enough edits and make it go well. Isn’t that just part of the fun of being a writer, though? I guess you could say I have a bit of a book hangover.

And it feels strangely amazing. But I’m kind of numb at the same time. Please do tell me if you have ever felt the same way. I felt exactly the same when I finished my last novel, but that one was far longer (about 130, 000 words to be more specific) and so I think mildly too long for a first novel. But you never know what could happen. So I’m now seeking representation for one and on the way to seeking representation for the other just as soon as the edits are finished.

So it’s a bit of a writerly feeling, if you know what I mean? I don’t know what to do with myself. But I know there will be a sequel on the way, I just think I need to give my head a chance to clear first. So I guess I’ll see how it all goes with the edits and then try and get it out there! Wish me luck! (And I give exactly the same to anyone in the same position!) Hope it all goes well. Would love to hear some publishing stories, as I don’t really know any published writers and I think it would be cool.

Hope to hear from you!

For now, happy reading! (And writing!)