Hey, book lovers!

I thought for a moment I would share some of the funniest moments I remember from this well-known Disney Princess movie, Frozen. If you haven’t seen it, it’s kind of a spin on the traditional Disney Princess stories (if you remember Belle, Jasmine, Cinderella and many others), but there are a few different themes this time. I’m a huge Frozen fan of Disney, and so I thought I’d take some time out of my usual writing discussions and reviews and post something a bit different. If you’ve seen the movie you might have your own favourites, but these are just some personal favourites! Do feel free to share your own funny moments with me in the comments section, if you would like to!

So, let’s crack on!
the sky's awake
Can we all appreciate how adorable this photo is? I mean, at the very beginning of the movie, Anna, the younger sister, is so excited to go and play that she literally lays on top of her older sister to try and get her point across. This little line made me laugh so much!

2. Sandwiches?
Did anyone else expect this totally random line? I didn’t- just me? Okay. Anyway, though this song was so catchy and I had it stuck in my head for days afterwards, this was a really random part that I just did not think I was going to see. Worth it, though. Ana here is at her naive, romance-loving stage and doesn’t really appreciate that this guy wants to set out to kill her. (Oops, spoilers.)

3.Chicken Dance Guy!
chicken dance guy
I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure I’d want to dance with this guy at a party!

4. Wait, that’s the Princess?
ana wake up
I guess Disney really are getting to terms with this whole Princess image thing, this bit had me in fits of laughter. It’s really just a great representation of what we, unfortunately, tend to look like in the morning. (Sorry girls, but it’s kinda true.)

5. Hypothermia?

ana cold

When Anna first goes to look for her sister, she’s wearing a tiny little coronation robe and obviously, Elsa’s Frozen the summer and everything so it’s a little bit chilly out there. But this little moment here, when Anna’s dress freezes and hits the step, was actually really funny. (So happy she finds a coat on later though, I’m not the best fan of the cold.)

6. Sven!
Kristoff’s reindeer, Sven, is so cute and adorable and he just wants to stick out for his friend. There are some funny moments involving Sven for example when Kristoff is singing to him in the barn and when they first meet Olaf. Speaking of…

7. Olaf!
ana sees olaf
Undoubtedly, Anna and Kristoff are a little surprised to find a talking (and singing) snowman.
olaf impaled
But there’s a lot more to him than just snow!
Some of his proudest moments!
olaf in general
We all love Olaf. Come on, you just know you do. (Admit it.)

8. Trolls!
The trolls are all too happy to burst into song and dance if it will help Kristoff get a girlfriend!

9. Does it look bad?
you hesitated

Anna: Does it look bad?
Kristoff: No.
Olaf: You hesitated.

One of the funniest parts of the movie, in my opinion.

10. Pow!
ana punches prince
So the prince turns out to be a total arse-wipe and Anna punches him in the face and he falls off the royal boat and into the water. Kristoff is promoted to Royal Ice-Master.

I do not own any of the above. I am merely sharing my favourite parts of the movie with those who read my blog! I hope you liked this post. I do like writing about movies just as much as books, would you believe it!