Hey, book lovers.

So, as people seemed to like my recent post about Frozen, I thought I would write a similar post but only about my other favourite Disney movie, Tangled! And I may post more in the future, so let me know what you guys would like to see. Anyway, if you haven’t seen Tangled, the story focuses on Rapunzel, an 18 year old girl who has an awful lot of blond hair and no freedom. In short, a wicked witch tried to steal a magic flower around the time of Rapunzel’s birth to make herself look younger, but when the queen came very sick, she used this flower to heal her. And so when Rapunzel was born, she had long magical blonde hair that would grow and grow, and becomes magical when she sings. So the witch steals this new flower princess and conceals her in her tower throughout her whole life.

Anyway, here goes.

1. Damn, that saucepan!


So when the mysterious thief Flynn Rider appears in her tower, Rapunzel is a little suspicious (understandably). The saucepan becomes her best weapon against his smolder!


2. But Flynn is pretty resistant!

Image ImageImage

How would you react if a hunky thief appeared in your tower and tried to flirt with you? Is anyone else here feeling the slight sexual tension? (Sorry, I do forget this is a Disney movie.)

Image  ImageImage

He’s a little freaked out when her hair starts glowing. Okay, more than a little.

But the princess is all too happy to show him who’s boss, just like most of our familiar Disney heroins! I especially liked the bit where she steals the crown from him and hides it in the pot and he knows exactly where it is, so she has to knock him out with the saucepan again and then hide it.

3. Sit, horsey!


So the princess becomes allies with one of the runaway palace horses and she persuades him to leave Flynn be as it is her birthday. Maximus and Flynn are not the best of friends, however. Their differences are one of the things that make this such a hilarious movie, though.


Here they are, acting like small children while Rapunzel watches them from up ahead, making sure they both behave.


And of course, the trusted Chameleon Pascal is always there to offer a hand.

4. Mama knows best!

Image Image

That’s a lot of hair! And in this song, Rapunzel’s mother is telling her through a song that she is not allowed to leave the tower.

5. Did I mention that’s a lot of hair? These moments just make the movie.

Image  Image Image

Don’t worry, Rapunzel, if my hair was this long I would do the same. But when she and Flynn go to the Kingdom, some little girls plait it all up nicely for her. His face disinterest in this second picture is just hilarious. And the horse just knows exactly what is happening here.

6. You should see your faces because you look…ridiculous.


Flynn is all too happy to to use Rapunzel’s hair as a kind of swing here after fighting the horse who had a sword in his mouth by using a saucepan. (God, that was a weird sentence.)

7. Rapunzel realises she is the missing princess.


It’s a pretty big realization to make! She decides to leave her mother and go with Flynn, but things don’t go quite the way she planned…

8. They get so close!


Flynn tells her his name is really Eugene Fitzherbert. She tells him she has hair that glows when she sings.

9. Uh oh!


And then the whole tree goes with it. Their faces in this one though!

10. They even appear in Frozen!



Hope you liked the post!

Happy reading, and film watching!