Hey, book lovers.

Long time no blog post, right? I seem to be very bad at this, keeping up with the blog and writing about books and writing everything, as much as I love it. And, because I love it, I thought I would give it another shot.

I’m not at university at the moment, not for another month or so. The summer has been spent well, I think. I’ve been writing my novel (my third, now), and it’s going really well. I used to write on here all the time, and I kind of miss it. The truth is, I’m always too busy. I want to keep going with it, though, and since I have been keeping up my writing every day routine for the last month or so, perhaps I should add a little something on here each day, too. I usually go to work, then I come home in the evenings and read, and then I write. I’m on chapter sixteen now, and pretty happy with where it’s going! It’s been consuming me! I can’t stop myself, and it’s always in the worst moments that I find myself getting into it.

A brief description of the novel:

Anna Rose Fawkes is sixteen years old, when she receives a letter on her doorstep from her birth mother, telling her that she was adopted when she was three. It is only when Anna seeks out the address and clues provided to her in the letter that she discovers that it was not really her birth mother, but her biological father, who sent her the letter, tricking her into discovering him and spinning her life into his own deadly game. Nathan is the leader of a violent gang, vengeful and angry. Anna decides, after finding him, that she will save her mother and destroy everything he loves and appreciates in his work, and discovers new secrets along the way.

Anyway, university starts back up in the beginning of October, and for now I’m going to be working and writing and seeing friends and family. But I think I will post here some more book reviews every now and then, as there are so many books I’ve read this summer and not told anyone about! It’s all spinning around in my head and needs to be set free!

Until then,

Happy reading 😀

April xx