Hey, book lovers.

So, today I finished book three in the Lunar Chronicles series, this amazing series of fairytale-retellings in a futuristic world, where each of the fairytale princesses that we know and love come together to kick-ass and save the world. I have so, so, so much to say about this series. If you haven’t read it, you should. Go and do it. I am kind of, maybe, a little bit obsessed with it right now, but you would be too. *Screams.*

I have also reviewed the other two books in the series, and you can find them on this blog. I also have the next book, Winter, and cannot wait to start reading it.

Okay, so in this world, we have Cinder, the narrator of the first book, and she is a cyborg Cinderella- a mechanic, who is really the secret princess (I knew it would be true from the beginning- duh!). But she’s also Lunar, and has never known anything of her past, though she has always lived with her adoptive stepmother, Linh Adri, and her two stepsisters, Pearl and Peony (but you couldn’t call the youngest evil, no way.) She was lovely from the start. I never liked Pearl and Adri, but we’re not really supposed to, I guess. So the prince was flirting with Cinder, after asking her to fix an android that contained secret information, and he has been looking for the lost princess ever since. But it is when the plague reaches her family and poor Pearl shrinks away, leaving Adri to blame Cinder, that Cinder is sent away to a ‘volunteering’ program, where cyborgs like herself are tested on, in order to find an antidote to the plague that is ruining so many lives in the Eastern Commonwealth and the rest of Earth. He fell in love with her, and they were separated.

Now, in Scarlet, the granddaughter of Michelle Benoit, who we come to realise is the woman who helped to protect the princess after her parents were killed, and kept her hidden and cared for. Scarlet is a petite, futuristic version of Little Red Riding Hood. Scarlet’s story intertwines itself with Cinder’s, and after Cinder escapes prison with the help of Dr Erland and Thorne, another prisoner, they find Scarlet and she becomes a part of their crew, on Thorne’s spacecraft, along with Wolf, the one she had come to trust, and come to love as her ‘mate’. Their relationship wasn’t instant, which I liked. It took time for Scarlet to come to trust him, knowing his connections to her missing grandmother and her now late father.

Thorne is just plain comedy throughout, and I laughed aloud so many times from everything he was commenting on, or the questions he was asking. He’s kind of the class-clown everyone loves to hear from, but no one really takes seriously. I loved his character, though. I loved how he was always trying to get closer to Cinder, but she ignored him. In Cress, we see her instant love for him, and his ego, and his pride, and then his slow-growing attachment to her, knowing that she is in love with him and not wanting to hurt her in any way.

I really love the way all of the characters came together, it was so clever. At first you see Cinder’s story, and her relationship with Prince Kai, who soon becomes the Emperor of the Eastern Commonwealth when his father dies as a result of the plague, himself. Then there is Queen Levana, ruler of the moon-inhabiting Lunars, who wants to control his world along with her own, and though everyone despises her, they are also deeply afraid of her and the power she possesses. She is a Lunar with a strong ability to control how others see her, besides the Lunar ‘shells’, who are physically unaffected by these abilities but cannot control others themselves. It has also been revealed that Cinder is the true ruler, and Levana’s niece, but Cinder keeps this to herself throughout most of these stories, until Cress.

In Cinder, the mechanic met a young girl through one of her comm-links, and now, in the first chapter of Cress, we see her properly for the first time. She had helped Cinder get to the ball in the first place, as a great defiance against her mistress-thaumaturge, Sybil, and warned Cinder of Levana’s intended assassination of Kai, once they were to be married, in order to form this powerful alliance for the queen.  Sybil has always had Cress held in a tower on a satellite, and she’s never had her hair cut, so you know, I wonder if you can guess who she is. If not, Rapunzel. This was by far my favourite of all of the books, because you’ve already seen the relationships between Cinder and Kai, Scarlet and Wolf, and the rest of them intertwined, but now there is this forming relationship between Cress and her lifetime-crush, Thorne, when he comes to rescue her and they end up stranded together. (Just, aww! Maybe a little awkward, but aww!) So they end up travelling through Africa together, after falling back from the satellite to Earth, and now they’re forced to work together to get themselves out of the desert. And to top it all off, Thorne has gone blind, so Cress is forced to be his eyes, but he encourages her, as she’s often nervous and afraid, unlike Cinder, who is brittle and often cold, but very strong-hearted, and Scarlet, who is fiery in her own way. Cress is far more quiet, and as Thorne says, a little bit unsociable. But I loved their growing friendship, and then Cress’s admittance of love for him, and their slow-going emotional intimacy, as they find the Lunars in a small african village, who end up supporting them all, in the end, when they finally find Cinder again.

So they all come back together on this ship, and their characters, so unique, are mingling, which is really nice to see.

Their plans grow, and the tension develops, as they all work out a plan to go against the evil queen and bring Cinder back to her throne, with each of their skills and each of their characters developing along the way.

There is so much to this series. I couldn’t get enough of it! I would definitely recommend it.

For now, happy reading 🙂