Hey, book lovers.

So, as always, I’ve been pretty busy! There is sooo much to be updated on that I can’t even tell you, but I’ll try, anyway. Here goes:

  1. I’ve very recently finished university at the University of Bedfordshire, and if you didn’t already know, I studied Creative Writing! Graduating next week with a 2: 2.
  2. I’ve been working with a bookshop company called The Works for two years now (last Sunday, actually), a year and eleven months or so in the Luton store. Then, very recently, I handed my notice in there because I really wanted to move back home to MK (homesick, I guess?) and my store’s area manager came in, saw me working, asked what I was doing when I left and got me a job in the MK store! I was buzzing, and it was such a lovely day! I’ve been working there for a couple of weeks now. Going well and everyone is lovely!
  3. I’ve started editing my YA novel, Silver, again. There is soooo much to be done on it, as this rewrite is mostly in notebook form for now, but it’s gone sooo much better since I started changing it. Yay! That makes me so happy, I can’t even describe to you.
  4. My other novel-series, a retelling of different classic fairytales, is kind of on a pause but I still have so many ideas for that.
  5. I’ve been buying and buying lots of books. I have no self-control. Judge me all you like.
  6. I’ve been reading, loads. I have way too many reviews to post at some point. I’ve been using my Youtube channel to post reviews lately but even those are slacking. I’m becoming a faster reader and my reviewing-mind can’t keep up. Oops. You can find that here, if you wanna browse, AprilGraceReads. Please feel free to subscribe!
  7. The other day, the 12th of July, marks four years since I went to Mozambique and Swaziland with World Challenge with my secondary school. Time flies, huh!
  8. There may be updates on the love life front, but I’m not going to go into that for now. Tehehe. Sorry!
  9. I’ll be attending a hen do and a wedding over the next couple of weeks. That’s gonna be weird.
  10. Life is good.

Thanks for reading,

I need to be more frequent with writing on here.

Happy reading folks!

April 😀