Hey, book lovers.

So, if you hadn’t guessed by the title of this post, it’s going to be a bit of a sentimental one. I’m pretty happy with a lot of the things I’ve achieved so far this year, and I’m going to list them. I may add a little story here and there, if things need explaining, but otherwise, I’ll try to keep it all as brief as possible, because it might just be a long list!

So, it’s been a rocky ride. There have been horrid political decisions made, celebrity deaths, terror tragedies and more, and more… We don’t talk about this year. But on a personal note- this post has been long overdue. Maybe I’ll do another post about the above things at a later date.

For now: What have I achieved (or maybe just experienced) in 2016? Chronological…

  1. I survived my third year of university, and graduated my degree with a 2:2. BA (Creative Writing) from the University of Bedfordshire. A hell of a ride, and one of my best life decisions…so far, duh.
  2. I went to a wedding… first one since I was a kid. My old assistant manager (who was promoted to Manager but I’ve always seen her as Assistant Manager because she was promoted the day I handed in my notice in the Luton store.) The Works- Luton. Now, Milton Keynes. It was a fun day, and a little bit emotional.
  3. In my last week of working as a Sales Assistant in the Luton branch, my Area Manager came into the store and he then decided to get me transferred to the Milton Keynes store, after finding out that I was leaving because of university ending and that I didn’t actually have a job set up back home yet, though many interviews. So, a day later the manager of MK rang up, and I had a new job.
  4. I was promoted a couple of months after I transferred, this time the first opportunity that arose, in the store. So I’m now a Supervisor in the MK branch, and I love it so much more. 
  5. I finished writing my novels and began submitting them to publishers and editors and agents. I am currently waiting on a couple of full requests from an editor and an agent, and I’m so bloody excited. On the other hand, I’ve received a fair few rejections, which is pretty normal. 
  6. I had my first girlfriend. It’s been strange- I’ve always known I’m bisexual but some people I have been too scared to tell. And I hadn’t yet met a girl who I wanted to be with in that way, and she with me, so it was all new and exciting. It didn’t last long, and I was happy, but lessons learned. 
  7. I came out as bisexual to my mum. She was amazing about it and asked about my girlfriend in the same way she has about my ex boyfriends. It was mad, but such a weight off my chest to finally tell her. 
  8. I had an interview for my dream job: at a book publishing company, and I went to London back on my own and only got lost twice. Big accomplishment really, it’s always been such a scary thought to go on my own! 

It’s been a mad year, and all of these things have been long processes in themselves. But all big lessons and so worth it.

Next year, I want to:

  1. Learn to drive, and eventually buy my own car. It’ll take a long time, of course, but I want to at least get on my way to passing the tests first. 
  2. Find an agent and get a book deal. This one is self explanatory. I’m a writer, and it’s my dream to be published. Or at least be on my way there. 
  3. Find a job in a publishing house, or work my way up to Assistant Manager with my company, if I’m given the opportunity. I dream big- there’s no other way to live for me! 
  4. Meet someone new, maybe. If it happens, it happens. If things work out as they are, great. 
  5. Get a tattoo. I’ve always wanted one, but haven’t had any ideas that seem meaningful to me, so I haven’t really considered it. But I have a few ideas now, and I can imagine they’ll look amazing if I find the right people. 
  6. Get drunk more. I don’t go out much, as it is.

These probably seem strange or unrealistic, but oh well. They’re just a few things I’d really love to do next year, if I could. Or at least begin to work towards. A few of them, I’m already slowly on my way there. 

We’ll see, I guess! 

Happy reading!