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Hello, book lovers.

Welcome to my blog.

I hadn’t really thought about the possibility of starting a book review blog before, though, through starting University, I met someone who is a little bit of what I call a movie genius (and I’ve told him so plenty of times, he thinks I’m slightly insane for it!) and has a movie blog which he is very much dedicated to. He loves everything about movies and he enjoys all of the time he spends on his blog, so the cogs started whirring in my mind and I decided, hey, why not start my own blog, but about something more personal to me? And here we are, on my very own book review and writing related blog.

My name is April O’Sullivan, I’m a 21year old final year Creative Writing degree student at the University of Bedfordshire and a huge book fanatic!

I adore books of all kinds; both reading and writing them. This is my blog, where I will be sharing my personal opinions of books of all kinds and genres and discussing anything and everything to do with writing.