Hey, book lovers.

I’m afraid I’ve been delaying my review on this wonderful book for a while now. It’s the third book in the Divergent series by an author called Veronica Roth and the first book has already been made into a film. I’ve seen it, and it’s really, really worth watching. Believe me on this one. You might recognise these two whether or not you’ve actually seen it.


Anyway, the three books are set in a world where there is little to no hope, which is why it has been primarily labelled as a novel from the dystopian fiction genre- something I, myself have really gotten into writing since doing my degree, but that’s another story altogether. You can find the reviews to the first two books in this series, Divergent and its sequel Insurgent, on my blog. I really loved these books and was really drawn in to each one of them. I read Divergent probably a lot faster than any other book I’ve read, and I’m kinda a slow reader (hence why it often takes me a long time to get a new book review on here, sorry, but I do try.) 
It’s a wonderful series. The first book sees Tris living in a world where your personal traits and attributes see you into specific parts of your world, which are known as Factions. Candor means honesty, Abnegation (which is where Tris comes from) means selflessness, Dauntless means bravery, Amity is for peace, and Erudite for knowledge. But in the first book she was transferred to Dauntless when she chose bravery at her choosing ceremony, and her decision has affected her relationship with her family but has also made her far more brave, intelligent and better at making quick decisions. She is more agile, better at fights and defending herself physically, but some of the events that ran on into the next book have shown that any kind of physical trauma can affect the mind just much as the body. Consequences of her actions leave her hateful and bitter, and in Insurgent she finds it far harder to fight, but the war is growing. Tris must learn to work with those she has come to trust to fight in this battle of both a physical and a mental skill, but it won’t be easy.
Allegiant shows Tris that not everything in the world is as you might have seen it, and that the government have been conspiring and have made these factions as a kind of social experiment. But this one is narrated not only by Tris but by her previous instructor at Dauntless, the one she has come to love and adore, Four, or as he is also known, Tobias. Four has to face his four fears, which is where the name originated from, and his love for Tris and the bitter hatred at the world who created him and the Divergents that the government have made to show that people will have not only one trait but possibly two or three. Tris is fighting her own battles, and though their relationship becomes strained in the war raging around them, their love for each other is clear in the ending, which I will not spoil for you. But it is a tense one, very, very sad. And I do not want to ruin it for you so I will leave it there and simply say that this book is so very worth the price and the time it takes to read, as it is a big book.

Happy reading!