Close my eyes

Hey, book lovers.

This wonderful book is by one of my favourite authors Sophie McKenzie, Close My Eyes. I absolutely love all of the books of hers that I have read; I own her Girl, Missing series, her Blood Ties series and her Falling Fast series as well as the first Medusa project book, The Setup and her newest book, Split Second- so you could say I’m a fan! Her style of writing is just wonderful, her characters are always strong but with their own personal insecurities, her plots are always gripping and keep you hooked on the pages. And this one definitely does all of these things.

Her first adult novel, Close My Eyes is about a woman called Geniver Loxley who discovers that the child she had thought had passed away at birth is actually out there waiting for her, when a stranger appears on her doorstep. Gen is a writer, trying to concieve another child since Beth’s “death”, but she soon comes to realise that her husband Art has more secrets than she would have ever thought and she is drawn into a sick and twisted conspiracy of the reasons for hiding the truth. There are more discoveries to be made about the child that Gen would never have expected, things that change her perspective of everything she has ever known.

In comparison to some of her other novels, I’m not completely sure that this is the best. I found that the novel was well written and the descriptions and the dialogue were all completed really well, but I found that it was a little more slow-moving than the others. They tend to have a thicker pace and more events happening in between, whereas this one seemed to kick into action towards the end of the novel, but the ending was of course very worth it. This might be the move into adult as opposed to Young Adult writing genre, but this was just something I personally found, knowing how well plotted her Young Adult novels are. But it doesn’t take away any of the reaidng experience, and Gen and Art are both compelling characters, and it makes you wonder exactly why he would do something like that. The stranger on the doorstep was very well written for me, it was the eeriness of the appearance, I think, the way she randomly arrived and had all of this information but seemed eager to leave.

I think the best thing I can say is go out and give this wonderful book a read. Her other novels also deserve attention, and they some have received many awards. So give it a try! You will be happy you did.

Happy reading!