Hey, book lovers.

So a good while ago I wrote a book review for an amazing YA fantasy book by Sarah J. Maas called Throne of Glass, and you can find this review here: Throne of Glass Review

This review, is of the second book in the series, Crown of Midnight. I read this last year immediately after getting into the series, however I didn’t write a review of it on here, so I thought I should, considering I am currently reading (and loving) the fourth book in the series. I won’t ruin it for you, if you’re only at this stage, though. I just think this is a fantastic series, and I love all of the alternate character perspectives and switching between the main characters, though it requires a little effort, I think is a brilliant way of manifesting these characters and their lives within this enormously complex fantasy world.

The story focuses mainly on the perspective of an eighteen year old assassin called Celaena Sardothien, who has been trained by the king of the assassins, Arobynn, and then thrown into a slave camp when she was caught. The king of this city then chooses to pull her out of the camp, one day, and she is brought into this enormous competition where she will fight against many other powerful, trained competitors, to potentially become his champion, and be his famous, assassin, and then earn her freedom. In the same situation, she comes to find romance and passion both with the prince, Dorian, and the king’s head of the guards, Chaol.

In this book, however, Celaena has become the champion. She completes the king’s errands, though he does not know that she is secretly sending his targets away and hiding their deaths instead of killing them, taking a great risk in her own life and in the lives of everyone she cares about. She does not tell Chaol what she is doing, or Princess Nehemia, her trusted confidante, and she grows closer to Chaol, though she is working completely on her own. She soon comes to discover that the princess of Eywylle has her own secrets, and the princess and Celaena’s best friend is later murdered, where Celaena discovers that she had set it up herself, without confiding in her as a friend, too. This event sends Celaena into her own world, and then, angry, she discovers these rebels, and tries to find out what really happened.

Celaena possesses magic, in a world where magic is forbidden and executions are the consequences for using it. She finds an old abandoned entryway to a hidden chamber, within her rooms. Inside this chamber, she encounters an old sword, and the spirit of a dead princess, of whom becomes one of her trusted friends throughout the book. This book is one of those that will hook you in, particularly if you enjoyed the first book. I honestly can’t say which I enjoyed more because I think, for the first time, I have enjoyed them all equally, however this just continues the amazing world and characters of the first book, and I could not tear myself away. I think at one point, I was even reading this book between lectures. I have fallen in love with this series, and I think, personally, it is just one you have to try.

Peace out, and happy reading 😀