Hello, book lovers.

This post is a review of quite possibly my favourite novel so far, the creative Dystopian Young Adult fiction novel, Divergent by Veronica Roth. I’d been recommended this book many, many times before I actually went out and bought it. I’ve always been an enormous fan of The Hunger Games series, as well as others like Thirteen Reasons Why, all of the John Green books, books by Sophie McKenzie and other wonderful writers, but this was the one that I did not actually read for around two years of knowing it existed. I apologise if this is strange, but in my defense, I will say that I am certainly glad that I did come to read it, because I enjoyed it immensely from start to finish. It was definitely worth the time.

The book lives on in the story of Beatrice Prior, a sixteen year old girl from a Dystopian world where citizens live and behave under the requirements of their factions, Abnegation (where she comes from), Dauntless, Erudite,

Candor and Amity. Each faction stands for a different personal behaviour, those from Abnegation must be selfless, those from Dauntless have to be brave, those from Erudite will usually have a hunger for knowledge, Candor for honesty, and Amity for making peace. At sixteen years of age, citizens will face an Aptitude test, a simulation system that tells them which faction they are destined for and then a choosing ceremony where they will choose for themselves which faction they would like to belong to, either moving away from their families or staying in the factions they were born into.

When Beatrice Prior faces her Aptitude test, she discovers that she is Divergent, that she is destined potentially for not two but three possible factions, a very rare thing in this world. She chooses Dauntless, knowing she is brave enough, and sets out to find herself.

This wonderful book had me hooked from the very beginning. I could not stop reading, (and I had four assessments due around the time of reading it which probably wasn’t very good, but they’re done now so it’s okay). Ihe book is well written, the dialogue is powerful and shows off Tris’s fiery spirit and her insecurities in how others see her. She is relatable and a great character. When she meets Four, and falls for his kind, protective (though often cold) nature, she realises that things were never going to turn out the way she expected them to.

Read this book. If you love The Hunger Games, you will love it.

It’s also going to be a movie soon. Comes out on the 4th of April. Here is the trailer:

Enjoy, and happy reading!