Hey, book lovers.

I’ve recently finished reading this cute little book about a first love between the boy at the back of the bus and the new girl with curly red hair they call ‘Big Red.’ Park is of Korean heritage, sits at the back of the bus to school each morning reading comics and thinks he has managed to make himself invisible to those at his school, but when new girl Eleanor arrives, everything changes.

The other kids taunt and tease her, chanting ‘Big Red!’ and when she is left with no seat, though at first he finds her odd, he lets her take his seat. As time goes by and Eleanor begins to take her place next to him, she reads his comics over his shoulder and a common interest is shared. They do not speak to each other for a while, but Park continues to bring his comics and sees no problem in sharing them with Eleanor.

In a short period of time, a friendship begins to form.

But Eleanor and Park’s home lives are certainly world’s apart- Eleanor has a fragile mother, three small brothers and a little sister and a violent Stepdad who seeks to cause Eleanor all the trouble he can, while Park’s parents are protective of him and his younger brother, but are loving and try to do the best they can.

There’s probably no other word for this book but cute. I mean, it’s beautiful in places, Rainbow Rowell describes their growing romance perfectly, it’s a love between a girl with very little self-confidence and a boy who has always tried to be invisible. As he begins to fall for her, she dislikes herself so much that she finds it hard to believe that someone who is so perfect in her eyes could love her. But they are young and naive, and this brings a cuteness to the story.


I could not recommend this book more. Go out and buy it. You will not regret it!

Happy reading!