Hi book lovers.

So this is my review of one of the very few books that kept me up all night reading. This book kept me hooked from the beginning to the end, and I will definitely recommend that you read it if you enjoy young adult fiction, particularly a good dystopian novel.

The novel focuses on a girl called Celestine, in a world where the imperfect are branded as ‘Flawed’, cast out as different from the rest of society with different bodily markings, relating to which ever error of judgement they may have made. This is a world where in jobs, you are expected to do your best at all times, and if you make bad decisions, or decisions that may go against the government’s rules, you will be Flawed. You are seen not as a criminal, but someone who should not be trusted. This is what Celestine discovers, one day when she sticks up for a branded man on a bus, in front of her boyfriend and her sister, merely by trying to persuade the others on the bus to offer the coughing, and dying, old man a seat. She doesn’t expect the banishment that will come as consequences of her actions, of only trying to do what was right.

Celestine herself was always seen as perfect, with a fair popularity, a perfect boyfriend and perfect to her family, but her actions on this day spiral into a sequence of events that change the rest of her life forever.

This was the author’s first young adult debut. It was wonderfully written, with Celestine’s voice and character coming through effectively. The plot is well paced, keeping you as a reader drawn into what will happen next, as she starts to discover more secrets about her society, and also becomes the reason why those around her start to question what is really good for their world, and that their actions are just not right, fair or appropriate, for anyone.

It’s a typical young adult novel, in many ways, with the main character beginning a revolution against the world enclosing her into this unfair situation, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you enjoy plot twists, captivating characters and original worlds, this book would be perfect for you.

If not, should you brand it as Flawed?

Happy reading,