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So I just finished the fourth book in this series, Queen of Shadows! (Screams internally.) I have been reading this book for about three weeks, (I swear they take so damn long to read!) and now I’ve finally finished it, and ahh, it was bloody amazing. These books excite me so much, I can’t even describe the feelings. Also, I tweeted about the book and she favourited it! That made my day. Anyway, since I’ve only just finished the review to Crown of Midnight, I thought it would make sense if I actually reviewed the third book before the fourth, right? Guess you’ll have to wait a while for that one, huh! Just kidding, it will be up here soon and then we can all talk about this brilliant series together. Obviously. Duh.

If you are reading this, I would assume you have read the previous two books. Anyway, here is the review for Crown of Midnight, if you would like to see it. (I’m so on the ball today, hehe.) Crown of Midnight Review

I thought Heir of Fire was bloody brilliant. It took me a long time to read it, as the others did, maybe ’cause there are so many pages, I don’t know? They’re pretty big books, and I’m not exactly a fast reader, which doesn’t help. I read a lot, but I ain’t quick at it. Don’t judge me.

Anyway, we had lots of new characters in this one. Dorian, the Crown Prince of Adarlan came to know and fall in love with the beautiful maid Sorscha, of whom he was forbidden to. I loved her parts with him, as she had been the one to heal him and Celeana and Chaol in the previous books. I loved how close they got, how she found it difficult because he was the prince but how she had been in love with him for years, and how much he cared for her. It’s like finding out that your crush has come to feel the same about you. Hers just so happened to be the prince and heir to the kingdom. Big deal.

Celeana was amazing in the book, as she was in all of the others. I just love her attitude, her kick-ass assassin nature, and her relationships with all of the characters. When Chaol sends her to Wendlyn, she meets Rowan and Maeve, the queen he has sworn a blood oath to. Rowan is a fae prince, and his powers are ice, much like Dorian’s. These ice powers are here to stem Celeana’s fire abilities, and he trains her, his attitude towards her cold and uncaring throughout most of these extracts, until later on in the book he begins to show a slight weakness for her. They become carranam, and develop a bond that she has not shared with any other.

In the book, we also come to know a coven of witches, Manon being the main wing-leader. She’s a bit of a bitch, to put it simply, but later on, when she befriends the wyvern and rescues a fallen witch, we come to see that she really isn’t quite as bad. We learn of the wyverns, these dragon-like creatures that the witches are to ride and train. Manon decides she wants to go for the biggest and most frightening wyvern, but she eventually comes to choose the wyvern that that very beast left hurt and injured, and this is how we meet Abraxos. They grow closer, and she defies the other witches’ opinions by making him to be one of the very best.

Then, there is Celeana’s family history. We discover that Celeana Sardothien is really a lost princess called Aelin Galathnyius, from the kingdom of Terrasen. We learn of her cousin Aedion, who is fighting and drinking back in Adarlan and has not seen his princess for over ten years. The story progresses to provide details of her past, with her family, of her mother and father before they were murdered, the way her mother asked Aedion to be her protector, much like a brother. He has sworn this, and always tries to hunt down his lost cousin.

There is so much detail in the book, so many long scenes, so many characters that you need to read. Honestly, believe me on that. I’ve provided some details of it all, but please give the series a shot if you haven’t already. You will not regret it.

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