Knife Edge

Hey, book lovers.

This particular review is about the second book in one of my all-time favourite series by an author called Malorie Blackman, the Noughts and Crosses series. Knife Edge is the sequel to the first book, a book I have recently reviewed on this blog so if you have not read the first book I do recommend looking up that one before reading this review. I wouldn’t want to spoil it for anyone!

This wonderful story lives in a world where people with white skin are seen as inferior, where prejudice and racial discrimination are at the heart of everything in this society. Callum and Sephy are childhood best friends, but Callum is white and Sephy has dark skin, so as you can imagine, this isn’t going to be seen as right or just. But they are determined to stay together, arranging meetings on the small beach near Sephy’s family home. In the second novel, after the tragic death of innocent Callum at the end of the first novel, his brother Jude blames Sephy for everything that has happened to his family, a life filled with sadness. He is bitter, and reaches out to get his revenge on her, hiding in the shadows while keeping a careful eye on his mother, Sephy and her young child, Callie Rose.

The book is incredibly well written. The characters are compelling and relatable, the book touches on themes that are often true to everyday life and the plot is gripping and keeps you on the page until the very end. I’ve read each book in this series four times now, the most I’ve ever read out of a book or series. I know it so well. I’m trying not to give too much plot away because I’d like you to experience it for yourselves, but I will definitely say that this is worth the read.

For now, happy reading!