Legacy-Cover-FINAL-for-website-197x300Hey, book lovers.

I’ve just finished reading the amazing Legacy by C.J Daugherty so I thought I would post a review while the story is still fresh in my mind.

I recently posted a review for the first book in the series, Night School. It was a wonderful book about the friendships and romances of a girl called Allie who, after her older brother Christopher mysteriously ran away, begins to follow a life of crime and is then sent away to the secret school of Cimmeria. In this first book, Allie makes friendships that will last her a lifetime and romances like in the gorgeous Sylvain and then the wonderful, protective Carter West. She becomes closer to Jo, who is slightly emotionally scarred and will often have her episodes which make her go up and do crazy things like climbing up onto the roof of their dormitory building with a bottle of vodka. Rachel is the girl who knows everything about everyone, and becomes a very close comfort for Allie in both books. Lucas is the guy that Rachel has liked from the start, and Lisa is his closest. The group’s dynamics shines through really well in this first book and mostly shows you Allie trying to fit into this new world.

There are many events in this book that leave you wanting to know more. It was one of my friends from University that leant me this book and she was really into reading it so she said I could borrow it, and it was so worth it. There is some tension and some dramatic events, which I think is something this author is incredibly good at creating.

Legacy, as most sequels do, merely continues on from the events of Night School. Allie is still recovering from the events of the first book, but in the beginning of this one begins to realise that she is not just a nobody but a Legacy student like everybody else. She is the granddaughter of Lucinda Meldrum, the chancellor and one of the country’s well-known leaders. She does not want to reveal this information but when it comes out in a truth or dare game by the malicious Katie, everyone wants to know who she really is and why she had not decided to tell anyone.

The friendships and relationships in this book show Allie trying to cope with everything that happened in Night School, the friendships she makes when the headmistress Isabelle accepts her into Night School such as the thirteen year old genius, Zoe Glass, who is at first a little challenging because she is so honest but soon becomes a good friend. Still, there is a traitor at this school that is working with the dangerous Nathaniel, who set the attack on the school in the first book. And they do not know who this is. It could be any of her friends or family.

Read this book, it’s intense, its narrative character Allie is gripping and leaves you wondering what is going to happen. The story is beautifully told and both this book and the first are really worth the read.

Happy reading!