Hey, book lovers.

Last night I finished reading this stunning book by C.J Daugherty called Night School; it’s the wonderfully crafted story of a young girl called Allie who, when her parents tell her that her rebellious behaviour of drinking with friends and even breaking entry into her school and spraying graffiti is becoming too mucch for them to handle and she is sent away to Cimmeria, a school with many secrets.

Allie herself is a really well written character, in my opinion. She’s a redhead with a fiery spirit and a lot of insecurities; since her older brother Christopher ran away she has not been the same. His disappearance has triggered many panic attacks and Allie is still struggling to deal with her anxieties he has caused while she is at the school. But she meets a lot of people and has to learn who to trust, there are a lot of liars at Cimmeria. A lot of friendships are made, including Jo, who becomes one of her closest friends, though later on an incident on the roof leads her to doubt Allie’s friendship. I do not want to go into too much detail as not to give away the whole story, but there is a lot to the plot so I suppose that would be difficult to do. Her other friends include Lisa, Ruth, Rachel, Lucas, Gabe and Carter.

She meets Sylvain, a french exchange student who she finds immediately charming, falling for his good looks and french accent. He takes to her instantly, and she soon comes to find that this is rare- many girls have tried to claim his affections in the past but he has never felt so deeply for any of them as he has for Allie. But it seems that there is more to him than first meets the eye. He is powerful, and on the night of their school ball, his desire is strong. Too strong.

No one will tell her about what is really happening at this school. The school has many secrets, and everyone is lying. Allie is the new girl, and because everyone in the school is already a legacy- they are connected to the school in some way, their parents went there, perhaps, they do not feel they can trust her enough to tell her, so she is special. Everyone knows her name. But later she discovers that she is a legacy after all, a very strong one.

Go and read this! It’s amazing, loved it.

Happy reading!