Hello, book lovers.

This post is a review of a wonderfully written story of romance by David Nicholls about two people and the lives they share over a time period of twenty years, One Day. When, on the night of their graduation, Emma and Dexter meet, they stay in touch and a friendship and a romance blossoms.

The story is mostly told through dialogue, and this works perfectly in telling the story. Lots of events can happen over twenty years, and in their ever-changing lives, Emma and Dexter try to stay together, eventually marrying, but a tragic plot twist ending tells you what this novel is really trying to say; you can spend a long time with someone, but just as you come together, everything you’ve ever known can change in an instant.

Deeply recommend this novel. It’s a bit of a classic, and is also a movie. I have not seen the movie, but I love the book and that’s pretty much good for me! I’m a book fanatic, after all. Boyfriend is the movie fanatic, but that’s a different thing altogether.

So yeah, you should go out and read this one! It’s wonderfully written, it’s witty and humourous, and the characters are engaging and keep you pulled in. I actually read this while I was on holiday not long before moving to University, and would read it in my room in the caravan, at the beach, or out and about when we were in the car going on day trips, so it’s a good one to keep hold of no matter what you’re up to!

The message behind it is strong and relatable.

So, with that, happy reading!