Hey, book lovers.

This post is a review of the classic tale Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier, a story about the other woman and the stuggles experienced by a young heroine in a household full of eerie stories and a mysterious presence of the husband’s late wife, Rebecca De Winter. Moving from France without much hope for her own life, the unnamed narrator of the novel meets the handsome Max De Winter, a widowed man with a stern nature and a shocking, mysterious past. But his brittle exterior soon gives way to the love he has for his new, younger wife and she begins to see more to him than she had originally done, uncovering more and more secrets about the life he lead with the other woman and how it all came to a brutal end.

I think the contrast between the heroine of the novel and the idea of Rebecca was done effectively. The heroine shows her slightly shy, naive nature from the very beginning, and when she meets Maxim she becomes very easily attached to him, as if coming across slightly eager. The idea of this other woman is there when she moves into Manderley, the home where Maxim and Rebecca had lived before, in the way she is spoken about by the servants, the guests that attend their dinner parties and in the stern, eerie nature of Mrs Danvers the housekeeper.

I was hooked from beginning to end with this book. I don’t often read classic novels like this except for my course, but I’ve heard lots about this one and decided to pick it up from Waterstones a little while ago. It’s a beautiful book and the writing is wonderfully crafted, the descriptions are pretty and she is really good at describing the house itself and you can imagine what it would look like as if you were actually there. The dialogue and descriptions show the characteristics of each character really well; I loved Maxim’s hollow outside nature and somehow I just knew he would change and become something more interesting, and he did towards the end when everything starts to come out about what really happened to Rebecca. I do not want to spoil it for you so I will not try to go into too much detail, but all I can say is that it is definitely one I recommend.

Happy reading!