Hey, book lovers.

So, I am aware that all of my recent posts seem to be put up in the early morning (and yes, it is 2am), but that’s not something I’m doing on purpose. But I started reading this book immediately after finishing The Spectacular Now and I was immediately hooked, I’ve been wanting to read it for a while and I couldn’t really put it down, except for a visit to my nan’s earlier this afternoon. But I’ve been reading it since I got back, until about 2am, right now! I’m not the fastest of readers, and it takes me a while to get through a book, but this was probably my quickest on record for quite a while.

So, moving steadily on, this book is about Chelsea, popular high school student and second-in-command to the most popular girl in the year, Kristen. Chelsea is well-known, being best friends with Kristen sure has its advantages! The girls want to be her, they watch her with envy and the boys want to be with her. But she is also known for her secret-spilling habits, sharing rumours about everyone and anyone for the opportunity to raise her social status in Grand Lake High, much to the pleasure of Kristen herself! But it’s when they go to a party and Chelsea discovers a secret about one of the boys in one of her classes that things start to roll out of her control. And Noah, the boy she saw in the toilets with someone she had not expected at all, ends up in a coma in hospital for several weeks, all because she was drinking and told his secret to the other students she was once close to, who decide to take the information into their own hands and violence becomes the issue that caused this ordeal.

She tells the police, but this all only makes things worse for Chelsea and she becomes invisible to everyone at her school, her old best friend making her a social outcast. Inspired by a website that tells a story of the silence of monks, Chelsea makes a decision to be silent, taking a vow that means she cannot and will not speak, hoping to make things better and easier for everyone around her. But this new silence just puzzles the rest of her school and she is labelled a freak. But she does the right thing and even though she feels worthless and lower than ever, she earns friendships in completely new places, an Indian girl called Asha who loves to knit and is extremely good at Geometry, and then there is Sam, the best friend of Noah and the last person she would expect to befriend her after everything that has happened. But after a while she becomes drawn to him and a friendship and a romance begins to blossom! It’s really well written, I wasn’t completely sure when I picked it up as to how Hannah Harrington would do this, but it’s done well and suits the book. I’ll try not to give too much away and let you enjoy it for yourselves, but I definitely recommend this one.

Happy reading!