This tragically stunning novel tells the tale of sixteen year old terminal Hazel-Grace, a somewhat cynical (as you can imagine) teenager with lung cancer who, when she meets the gorgeous plot twist that is Augustus Waters, has her outlook on the limited time she has left changed completely.

The book is #1 New York Times Bestseller by the esteemed author John Green. He has published several novels, including Paper Towns, An Abundance of Katherines, Will Grayson, Will Grayson and Looking for Alaska, the last four of which are actually on my bedroom shelf and will therefore be reviewed on this blog very soon.

Hazel was reaching Depression before she met Augustus Waters. Her mother’s concern grows and, when she encourages her to attend a support group for kids of her age and of similar circumstances to hers, she is reluctant. But she goes and charming Augustus Waters pulls her in almost instantly, taking her into his world of enthusiasm and even more cancer perks and a trip to Amsterdam that he persuades her to do, making her feel like what is left of her life is indeed worth living. A budding romance blossoms between them and together they experience friendship and love and a tragedy that will probably push you to tears (I warn you now). The novel is beautifully written and, though there were times that I found that I could not get into it, the dialogue is humorous and witty and does indeed make you want to read on, if not just to see what else Augustus has to say to Hazel.

But it’s a wonderful book and one I highly recommend. It’s also going to be a movie, very soon.

Here is the trailer. Enjoy.

I recommend reading the book before you see the movie, but I will definitely be seeing it!

Happy reading, and watch this space for more book reviews!