IMAG1914Hey, book lovers.

I read this wonderful little book last week called The Selection by Kiera Cass, and it seems it really is amazing what good value you get out of the 3 for £5 sale at The Works. They’re so cheap and I’ve had some amazing books from there.

The story focuses on the narrative perspective of America Singer, a sixteen year old girl living in a world where a person’s status depends on living under a certain number, from eight to one. Eights are less well off and Ones are royalty, and America is a five, meaning that when the opportunity arises for many girls of her age to enter The Selection and potentially marry the Prince Maxon, America wishes to help her family and take the financial benefits being offered from this selection. But America is in love with the boy she has been with for two years and all she wants is to marry him in her home, so when he breaks her heart and tells her to go, she takes the opportunity. But Maxon is very different to how she imagines and this changes everything.

I really hope you like this one!

Happy reading!