Hello, book lovers.

I’m really sorry I haven’t written a post in so long, I’ve been a bit busy with assessments for my course as the May deadline is approaching quickly. I promise I’ll be able to write on here more once they’re all finished! So lots to read in the summer, my friends.

Anyway, moving steadily on. I have just finished reading a wonderful book called The Spectacular Now by Tim Tharp. It’s a cute little story of a reckless teenager called Sutter Keely who has a habit of drinking too much and throwing away any kind of relationship he has before it has really began.

Cassidy is his ex-girlfriend and friend, and they’ll constantly have this kind of chemistry-fired friendship going, even though Cassidy feels that at points it was like he didn’t really care about anything other than being the life of the party and joking around. Because you have to give him credit for that, he’s a hilarious character- he always seems to have a story or a joke to tell, and he likes to consider logical solutions for everything, so he’s not exactly stupid either. They love him for his laughter, mostly. But he’s been told he’s not serious enough, especially by Cassidy herself. And even though he doesn’t seem to see this as a bad thing, it’s gotten him into a little more trouble than he would have hoped for.

He’s witty and funny, and you can have a laugh with his narrative because it’s as if he’s talking to you directly (they call that a conversational tone.) And with Sutter’s character, it works spectacularly.

But it’s when he meets Aimee Finecky that things start to change in his life. She’s shy and builds walls around herself to stop people getting close to her, she’s drawn to her science fiction novels and has enormous dreams to live on a ranch full of horses and to work for NASA, a kind of ambition that Sutter begins to see beauty in. But at first she does not stand up for herself very well and so her friends, her mother and even her little brother are able to walk over her, and when Sutter sees this for himself, he teaches her to let out everything that has ever bothered her about her life and also to do things for herself and say no a little! His influence changes her completely and she becomes a new person, but this new-found confidence only exaggerates her aspirations and she finds herself falling in love with Sutter on the way, hoping for something a little more than he feels he is really able to give her.

It’s really a spectacular read! Go and give it a shot, if you like small-romance novels, you won’t regret it.

Happy reading!