Thirteen Reasons Why

Hello, book lovers.

This post is a review of a book by Jay Asher called Thirteen Reasons Why. The narrative shows us the perspective of Clay Jensen when he finds a strange package at his home with several casette tapes recorded by his classmate and first love, Hannah Baker, the girl who committed suicide only two weeks earlier.

There are thirteen reasons why she killed herself, and Clay just happens to be one of them. The idea is that each person who Hannah talks about in the tapes has to listen to them all, one by one, and then they have to be passed on to the next person. It turns out that Clay is there because Hannah felt the same way about him but what they had was not carried on.

The tapes are interesting, they show each of the people that Hannah interacted with at her school and why exactly they are the reasons for her suicide, she goes into grave details about everything that has happened to her there and addresses them directly. The layout of the book is through pauses and continuations of Clay’s listenings, and you get a real sense of how she would have talked, and Clay’s reactions show how he really feels about it, and about her.

Definitely recommend this one!

Happy reading!