unspeakable cover

Hey, book lovers.

It’s been such a long time since I’ve posted a book review on here, but I have been reading a lot so I thought I may as well add this one here. I’ve read all these books rather quickly and they’ve just kind of been floating around in my head, so why not share my thoughts of them with you all?

I read this book very quickly, actually. I’m not particularly a fast reader, but I was quite happy to be able to get through a couple in a week. Might not sound like a lot to some, but for me, it’s pretty fast.

So, this book is narrated from the first person perspective of Megan, a sixteen year old mute girl who soon befriends the new girl, talkative bubbly Jasmine when she starts at her school, and she begins to unwind and open up, for reasons she herself can’t quite understand. It’s gripping and well written, keeping her reasons for staying silent a mystery until the moments when she is forced to reveal everything to Jasmine, feeling that if she speaks, she will release the truth of what happened that day and her life as she knows it will end. Abbie is quiet, keeping herself to herself, but Jasmine breaks down her walls without judging her, which she feels she needs. In the very first chapter of the book she is trying to help free a dog from falling into a lake, and unable to speak, the voices in her head keeping her silent, she cannot tell his owner what she needs, or let him thank her properly. She then, later, finds that this same owner is to become her school therapist, who tries to get her to talk, but it is only Jasmine that truly manages to do so.

I loved Megan’s character, and I loved the closeness she shared with Jasmine. They do everything together, sharing a bond that is strong and relatable, understanding even Megan’s circumstances, without asking questions. They become best friends, and then Megan realises that her attachment to Jasmine is something far more complex.

I enjoyed reading Jasmine’s character, too. She was the opposite of Megan, though they were both pretty loveable characters. She was louder and bubblier and it’s her that has most of the dialogue, as you can imagine, but it’s as if they’re having a normal conversation, they don’t even need too many words.

The plot was simple but gripping- I wanted to know more about Megan’s feelings and the way Jasmine would respond, the way Megan felt jealousy and hurt and anger when Megan’s asshole-boyfriend was around her, and that she didn’t trust him. It wasn’t a book I’d seen much of before, but I enjoyed it. Maybe if I read it again I would have more criticisms.

Happy reading 😀

April xxx