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Hey there, book lovers.



Lots Of Book Stuff To Come!

Hey, book lovers.

So, it’s been a while. But I thought I’d do a little something here, since I haven’t written on this page or filmed any videos on my Booktube account for such a long time (I’ve been busy– and probably a little bit lazy, sorry!) but, yes, I have so much to talk about. All things book-related, as always.

Mostly, anyway. As a kind of small update first, I’ll say I got another job. I think the last time I wrote on here I was still at The Works in MK, but I now work in a children’s play-centre called 360 Play, where I run the rides! It’s a lot of fun, although like anything there are stressful days. But I love seeing the kids’ little happy faces, and I have some good friends here. Moving from retail to leisure is such a big jump, but it’s a fun place to work. I’ve been here about seven months now, which is mad. It’s gone by so quickly.

I started a new novel, called The Unfortunate Ending Of Heidi Gerrard, which I then completed and began submitting, but have received lots of rejections for it so far. So with the help of a critique partner I found through Twitter– her name is Louise Bennett, she’s lovely, and lives in Australia– I’ve now been working on completely rewriting the novel. And it’s been flowing so well!

A little info, if you like– it’s about a girl called Heidi who dies when she’s sixteen, and is forced into Purgatory House, where she has to uncover some dark memories of why she was there. It all relates to a group of bullies from back home, and how her unknowingly speaking out against the God of Creation, had her killed. And then she becomes the subject of a prophecy, where she has to fight an ancient death god, which was the strange creature she’d originally spoken of. The Yuri has killed many of the famous gods we know of, and now threatens to take over Heidi’s mind and soul if she chooses to go against it. She’s gone from Purgatory to the Underworld and back, only to find herself locked under its frightening intentions. She loves the story, which has given me much confidence in its plot, and has given me lots of edits to do in giving Heidi more of a voice, and providing more of her emotion, among other things. So much to do, but I’m slowly getting there!

Each night after work, apart from a few days recently as Louise is ill, I’ve been reading her MS, then working on rewriting my own, then I’ll read some of whatever book I have my hands on at the moment. I always read so slowly, or go for times where I don’t pick up books because all I want to do is write or edit, but this little routine has made sure that I get some work done first, and then I can read for pleasure.

I’ve also set a Goodreads challenge of reading thirty books this year, and I’ve completed three so far! I’m not a fast reader, as I said, but I’m trying to get better. Those books were A Court of Wings and Ruin from the A Court Of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas, Deception by Teri Terry, the sequel to Contagion– I’ve read all of her other series’, and Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld. I’m currently reading Children Of Blood And Bone by Tomi Adeyemi. I’ll have some mini reviews of all of those soon!

I love reading, and I love the feeling of not being in a reading slump! I also love writing and editing.

I also started a new project, which I’m about 30,000 words into at the moment, called My Beloved Fairytale, where a girl called Meredith finds herself thrown into her own MS, after her twin brother is murdered and his murderer disappears before her eyes with a cursed book in his hands. So she tries to uncover what happened to Liam, and find out more information about this book and those who had read it, before finding herself taken into her own unfinished MS– the story of a complete fantasy world, where literature itself is a curse. I’m about to do more of this, because I go for long periods without writing it, when I spend so much time reading and editing my other project.

Bye for now! More still to come. I’ll try to update more regularly.




Hey, book lovers.

Gosh, how long has it been? So, it’s book review time! I haven’t done one of these on here (or on Booktube, really) in so, so long!

This book, I really connected with. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell is about a girl called Cath, who is a twin, and a writer of fanfiction, of a romance story which is fixed on the relationship between two guys, Baz and Simon, a vampire and a magic-controlling student. Mouthful! Okay, so Cath, I related to her pretty well because of the fact that she’s a writer who spends a lot of time alone in her room eating snacks and writing her stories on a fan-fiction website, which apparently has hundreds of viewers. (Well, I have the first part down, anyway.) Her attitudes towards relationships and friendships tend to be quite tainted because of the fact that her mother left her and her twin sister Wren (their mother couldn’t be bothered to think of another name, as she says at one point- they are literally both called Catherine), when they were very young, to live with their father, a marketing entrepreneur, who’s mental health goes on a downward spiral after this big event. As does Cath’s and Wren’s trust in people, naturally.

This story has Cath and Wren going through college, meeting roommates and completing assignments and finding new friendships, and eventually, relationships. This is a new thing for Cath, especially, who, unlike her twin sister, is less comfortable with going to parties or generally meeting other humans and making regular eye contact in public. (Which I’m pretty sure can also be a general issue for writers and other creative people, who would rather get lost in their own minds and crafts than in big crowds. I can definitely relate to that.)

I loved Cath’s witty nature and dialogue, the bond she shares with her father, and once, her twin sister. Although this fades and then improves again as the book progresses. I loved the character of Levi, who is actually Cath’s roommate’s ex-boyfriend, who takes a great interest in her fan-fiction, constantly asking her to read it aloud to him since he finds it difficult to read words from a page, hearing and remembering the words better as she speaks them. When she does, he remembers quotes well, and engages in her work like her online viewers. He is the type to make other people feel comfortable, friendly and bubbly and constantly smiling, and this is something that at first puts Cath on edge, but then it becomes what she grows to love and admire about him. This change in their friendship to their growing relationship was written intelligently.

There didn’t need to be too many characters. I found that there was enough conflict, with Cath’s trouble with her father and sister being hospitalised at separate parts of the novel, and with the ups and downs in her relationship with her twin sister, who at the beginning had wanted to grow apart, to do things her own way. Levi was always there, standing outside her room, ready to study with her roommate Reagan, who was an eccentric character but also one who encouraged Cath to leave her room, because she didn’t do it enough. She was asked to write something of her own by a tutor on her course as an English major, but handed in a piece of her fan-fiction instead, but her tutor offered her another chance because of her talent as a writer. She barely writes this through the whole novel, always concentrating on Carry On, so you almost don ‘t think she will create a world of her own, but of course in the end, she gets there.

And you see how her mood, or where she is in her personal life, can often affect the writing she does in her fan-fiction and in her eventual own story, which I found was cleverly done.

I would happily read this again. I couldn’t leave this alone, it was addictive. Please, if you are a writer and you especially love YA fiction, give this book a try. Especially if you have read and enjoyed Rainbow Rowell’s novel, Eleanor & Park, because I personally preferred this one.

Thanks for reading!

Happy reading 😀



Things I’ve Achieved This Year…And 2017 Goals!

Hey, book lovers.

So, if you hadn’t guessed by the title of this post, it’s going to be a bit of a sentimental one. I’m pretty happy with a lot of the things I’ve achieved so far this year, and I’m going to list them. I may add a little story here and there, if things need explaining, but otherwise, I’ll try to keep it all as brief as possible, because it might just be a long list!

So, it’s been a rocky ride. There have been horrid political decisions made, celebrity deaths, terror tragedies and more, and more… We don’t talk about this year. But on a personal note- this post has been long overdue. Maybe I’ll do another post about the above things at a later date.

For now: What have I achieved (or maybe just experienced) in 2016? Chronological…

  1. I survived my third year of university, and graduated my degree with a 2:2. BA (Creative Writing) from the University of Bedfordshire. A hell of a ride, and one of my best life decisions…so far, duh.
  2. I went to a wedding… first one since I was a kid. My old assistant manager (who was promoted to Manager but I’ve always seen her as Assistant Manager because she was promoted the day I handed in my notice in the Luton store.) The Works- Luton. Now, Milton Keynes. It was a fun day, and a little bit emotional.
  3. In my last week of working as a Sales Assistant in the Luton branch, my Area Manager came into the store and he then decided to get me transferred to the Milton Keynes store, after finding out that I was leaving because of university ending and that I didn’t actually have a job set up back home yet, though many interviews. So, a day later the manager of MK rang up, and I had a new job.
  4. I was promoted a couple of months after I transferred, this time the first opportunity that arose, in the store. So I’m now a Supervisor in the MK branch, and I love it so much more. 
  5. I finished writing my novels and began submitting them to publishers and editors and agents. I am currently waiting on a couple of full requests from an editor and an agent, and I’m so bloody excited. On the other hand, I’ve received a fair few rejections, which is pretty normal. 
  6. I had my first girlfriend. It’s been strange- I’ve always known I’m bisexual but some people I have been too scared to tell. And I hadn’t yet met a girl who I wanted to be with in that way, and she with me, so it was all new and exciting. It didn’t last long, and I was happy, but lessons learned. 
  7. I came out as bisexual to my mum. She was amazing about it and asked about my girlfriend in the same way she has about my ex boyfriends. It was mad, but such a weight off my chest to finally tell her. 
  8. I had an interview for my dream job: at a book publishing company, and I went to London back on my own and only got lost twice. Big accomplishment really, it’s always been such a scary thought to go on my own! 

It’s been a mad year, and all of these things have been long processes in themselves. But all big lessons and so worth it.

Next year, I want to:

  1. Learn to drive, and eventually buy my own car. It’ll take a long time, of course, but I want to at least get on my way to passing the tests first. 
  2. Find an agent and get a book deal. This one is self explanatory. I’m a writer, and it’s my dream to be published. Or at least be on my way there. 
  3. Find a job in a publishing house, or work my way up to Assistant Manager with my company, if I’m given the opportunity. I dream big- there’s no other way to live for me! 
  4. Meet someone new, maybe. If it happens, it happens. If things work out as they are, great. 
  5. Get a tattoo. I’ve always wanted one, but haven’t had any ideas that seem meaningful to me, so I haven’t really considered it. But I have a few ideas now, and I can imagine they’ll look amazing if I find the right people. 
  6. Get drunk more. I don’t go out much, as it is.

These probably seem strange or unrealistic, but oh well. They’re just a few things I’d really love to do next year, if I could. Or at least begin to work towards. A few of them, I’m already slowly on my way there. 

We’ll see, I guess! 

Happy reading! 




Hey, book lovers.

So, it’s been a while. I’ve been really busy since the last time I posted on here.

Not long after I last posted, I was promoted to Supervisor at the store I work in, The Works, and even that feels like a while ago now. I’ve been working like five-day-weeks for the last couple of months, I think, and I’ve done a fair few closes and one open on my own by now, and I think I’m getting the hang of it all. I really enjoy it. It feels strange to know that I’ve been with this company for two and a half years now, but I think I have a better understanding of how everything is run now, than when I was a Sales Assistant. Either way, I love it. I’m closer than I’ve ever been with a team and everyone I work with is helpful and supportive, (even with my ramblings about my writing stuff, which I’m really grateful for!) but also just about how I’m doing in general. I’ve also just been put forward for a massive shop move in the coming week. I’d always wanted to be able to join in with more bigger things like this, but didn’t have the opportunity. We shall see how it goes!

In that time, I’ve also been querying agents and publishers about my first novel in the series I’m working on, Metal Hearts, which is part of a trilogy. I’ve submitted to a few agents, (two polite rejections so far), and also a lovely full manuscript request from an editor at Penguin (!), on a stressful evening, of my first ever close at work as a Supervisor, and another a week later, on the evening of a day I’d spent mostly in Southampton in hospital with my parents and my poorly sister. This second one was after I joined in with a Twitter event called #DVpit where authors could pitch to agents about their books, and if the agents favourited the tweet, that meant they wanted them to submit to them. This agent who favourited my tweet also just so happened to have the same birthday as me! When I mentioned that, she just tweeted back, “meant to be :)”.  So, that was both strange and amazing! Now I’m just waiting on their replies, and another few agents. It’s all really nerve-racking and really exciting at the same time. Fingers are madly crossed. It’s been a few weeks on those and I don’t know how long that process takes.

I’ve also been taking part in NaNoWriMo! I’m working on book two of the above mentioned series, and I’m on chapter 14 now, and about 9,000 words in so far! 9,000 words in five days! That is insane! It’s like being back at uni! And the weird thing is I’m also really happy with the scenes I wrote for them.. You wouldn’t expect that, would you? The annoying thing is that I got behind target last night, and I’ve now got to catch up, but I’m ill and exhausted and in pain, so I haven’t written a single word yet today. But…I did just outline about 3/4 of the rest of the novel, with some massive plot points and twists and scenes, so that counts, right? (Not towards my word count, of course, but hey ho.) When I reach 10,000, I might buy myself a book or something, as an incentive. xD This is actually my first time taking part, as last year I tried and flunked, due to dissertations. Fun!

So much more left to write, but I’m really loving this series!

Everything is busy and stressful and I’m tired and ill, but somehow… I’m feeling pretty positive. Good thing, right?

Catch you next time,




Hey book lovers,

So if you couldn’t already tell from the title of this post… I have some big, big news to share. As of last night, Friday the 9th of September 2016, at around midnight, I finished the very final draft of my young adult novel. My first big, final draft of a novel so far.

Around this time last year, I undertook a unit while at university, where I could choose to do anything that related to working in a chosen field, called Professional Practices. We could work in a place and make our assignments- a presentation and an essay- about the entire process, or we could send off a piece of writing to  an outlet, or teach a class in a school, for example. Anything we chose, really. Well, since I had already written most of this novel so far by then, I decided to try to get it into shape and begin sending it out to some agents and publishers by the time it was due, a couple of months away, and use this process for my assignments. I loved this assignment, (apart from the presentation- I don’t do public speaking very well and I was so nervous) but I learned a lot from it all.

I was quite lucky- I looked into different agents I wanted to submit to, agents who would take a young adult novel of its premise, and one publisher who took unsolicited (or unagented) manuscripts. This was where I found the editor at one of the big publishing houses, who gave me a really lovely response, and I used her feedback to change the entire novel, for months afterwards. I’m so, so glad I did. Last time, I think I rushed the process a little more than I should have, wanting to get it ready straight away. But this time, I asked for feedback from some of my closest friends, including Danny from work, who has helped me out a lot with his thoughts on it, and also Dean, who has given me detailed feedback on a few of the chapters. Well, I gave myself a deadline for the time I wanted to have it finished, and as I went through each of the chapters, I tried to take my time. I tried to look at the sentence structure, the description used of the characters and setting, how the plot fits in with the entire book- whether each individual scene was needed or not. It was a long and difficult process, one which you had to have your head in the right place for. You have to concentrate, and know what changes you’ve made in the past and why, and what changes you were intending to make, and implement these as best you possibly can.

My deadline for completing this last edit was the end of October. This would have been a year after I sent the novel to the editor, who had offered to look at it again if I made certain changes. Well, on my days off work, I’ve been sitting at home for about eight or nine hours at a time (no exaggeration), on some days, and then working my butt off at trying to get it written as well as I can, using the skills I acquired in my Special Project at university, from my lecturer, Lesley, as well as Keith and Tim. I’ll always be grateful for your help here, and I’ve learned a lot! I just hope I’ve also done it well enough with this one. Anyway, I was becoming near to finishing this one yesterday, but by the time I reached chapter 25 or 26 (of chapter 28), I knew I wasn’t going to bed until I’d gotten it all finished. Maybe that’s just me- I couldn’t sleep on it, I was far too excited! And last night I wrote out my reply query, and this morning I typed it up, and sent it across. I won’t hear back for a couple of weeks at least, but when she replied last time, she was pretty damn quick, so I am rather excited about that.

I may do more posts like this, because it’s nice to reflect about it all on here, and hopefully for anyone who is writing a novel and nearing this process, maybe give some advice, too. But like anything, it just takes practice- and with a lot of things in my life right now, it seems- I’m still learning!

So now I’m in the process of looking for agents and publishers to submit to, and perhaps later, I’ll have more updates to give. But I have to admit, now, it’s all pretty damn exciting.

See you next time,



To The Future…

Hey, book lovers.

So, as always, this is the first time I’ve written on here in a while. But instead of writing a book review or a general post about writing or reading, I wanted to put out something a little more personal. An update, so to speak, of what things have been like since I have left university, and how much can change in a small period of time. I love writing, and since I seem to love expressing myself through words, I thought this would be the best place for such a post.

Well, I graduated back in July, which even though it is only a couple of months ago, feels like forever ago. Maybe because I left the town I was in for three years, of Luton, and now I’m back home in Milton Keynes, and all of my university friends are in their own individual places. I studied Creative Writing at the University of Bedfordshire, and graduated with a 2: 2, which I was quite happy with, and a few of my friends graduated with similar degrees and were very happy with their own results. It was a lovely day- very hot, and with both of my sisters there (this is a big deal only to those who know me very well), and meeting my lecturers and coursemates again, wearing the tight, but smart dress I picked out from a long shopping day around the city centre with my mum, which was clinging to me the entire day, underneath the traditional hat, (which I did throw), and the enormous gown, and obviously, the heels! Walking around Luton in those was fun…detect the sarcasm here. But then I went for dinner with my family afterwards and we talked about the whole day, and they enjoyed it just as much as I did.

University itself was the best decision I could have ever made in my life, except for my trip to Africa in 2012, but I’ve loved it all completely. I met so many amazing people there, and in a strange way, it also got me to where I am in my life now. I’ll get there in a moment. In the first year, I began getting to know my coursemates, some of my closest friends now, even though a lot of them have gone their own ways again, and also my would-be best friend, Erin, as well as her entire group, and some others who also weren’t on my course. I was living in student accomodation, on the 1oth floor, at the very top of the building, but had spent most of my time at hers and my coursemate, Pippa’s flat, which is also where I met my ex-boyfriend, Tom. Some crap went down, of course, but I won’t go into that too much. In some ways, I do miss that year, because I was quite close to a lot of the people I met in that flat, and around that same building. I did quite well at uni, and got some grades that I was pretty damn proud of. One of the first assignments I did in that year ended up being the first chapter of one of my now finished novels…which is on a pause. One day! I wasn’t entirely the going-out-all-the-time student, but I did enjoy the time I spent with my friends back at that flat, and found that I preferred those nights when I could just stay in and watch movies.

In the second year, I moved in with my best friend, Erin. We got a really nice little flat together, right next to the train station, and it was a shame when we had to leave before our time was due, when the lease ended, but we really enjoyed being there. Just before the second year started, I was writing a lot of my now-almost-finished novel, which I am editing the final draft of, as of now. It’s a LOT of fun, and I’m so close. Then, just before uni started up again, I got a call from The Works, and a couple of days later, I started my job there. I’ve now been with the company for two years and about three months. I loved my job, and I learned a lot- it being my very first job- and grew very close to the people there. I’m still close to a few of them, which I love.  Again, I wasn’t really going out drinking much, but I did go out a few times with my coursemates and occasionally, I’d be a little tipsy…and giggly. This was probably my favourite year, even if there was a lot more tension within my course group. But I improved in most of my grades in that year, and generally, apart from a few hiccups, it was pretty successful.

The third year was tense. I was very close to finishing my novel, and for a particular unit, we were asked to send off a piece of work and analyse the process for an assessment, and I chose to send it off to agents and publishers. During this time, I didn’t realise how unfinished the book actually was, but I did send off to an editor at Penguin, who replied within three days or so, saying that she would love to see it again, if I follow certain steps to improve it. I was over the moon! I also sent it off to a few agents, who rejected it, but I learned a lot from the experience, and very soon, I should be doing it again! I’m so excited. My uni assignments went mostly okay, but my grades were lower. Towards xmas, I was working a lot, and I was very stressed out a lot of the time, and my head wasn’t in a great place. But I see this as an experience, and a lesson. I’m always grateful for everything I learned then, both at uni and at work. Within a few months of uni ending, things got a little messy with a close friend of mine, and my anxiety, which was generally okay but occasionally flaring up, became a lot worse. I couldn’t smile, couldn’t feel happy. I don’t know if he knows this, and I don’t even blame him for it anymore, and we’re now friends, but I was in a very dark place during that time. Only a few of my close uni friends and work friends saw how much that all affected my mental state. I just remember, for a couple of months, wandering around the uni or the mall, and going home and crawling into bed to cry, or breaking down in public places, or in the uni’s Creative Writing suite, where I often saw him working. It’s all a long story, and I don’t particularly want to go into all of it, but it’s important because that, and how I was mentally, at the time, has all contributed to where I am today.

I didn’t know what I wanted to do at the end of uni, and for a time I wanted to stay in Luton after it had finished, but then I realised it was best for me to go back home to Milton Keynes and live with my family again. So I handed in my notice at work, and they were all really supportive, and they understood. I’ll always be grateful for what they helped me with, back then. I had about three weeks to go, so during that time, I tried to see my friends when I could, I wrote my book, and I applied for jobs in Milton Keynes, which I was pretty lucky with, to receive quite a few interviews. Whatever happened, I was ready to go home and be with my family again. I was excited, not to leave Luton, but to be where I’ve been for most of my life. It felt familiar- it felt right. And, it was the best decision I could have made. Especially because, in the last week of my notice, the company’s Area Manager visited the store while I was working, and asked the current manager if I had a job, and then rang Milton Keynes’ store for me randomly while I was sitting eating my lunch, pretty much unaware, and then the next day, I had a new job- a transfer, ready for the next week. It felt amazing- it was pretty much the first positive thing to have happened for me during those couple of months, and I had to admit, I was so excited. My family weren’t so sure it was the best thing for me at first, but when I started, and they saw how many hours I was working and how happy it made me to be there, they understood. I met all of these new, amazing people.

Once, Sarah, the manager of Luton, asked me if I liked my new Works family, and I told her my Works family was pretty damn big, and that I was really happy with it all. I trained a couple of my old manager’s St Albans staff on my last day in Luton, which was another thing that had my self-confidence sky-rocketing. Then, after working in Milton Keynes for a while, I was asked to cover for them for a few days, and in those few days, I trained two new members of staff for the Luton store, which felt strangely nostalgic, but also nice because I knew enough to help others learn.

I’ve learned an awful lot since moving to my new store- probably because I have no uni assignments to focus on, and like Luton, the people there are really encouraging and happy to help me learn more about the company and job. I’ve developed in my merchandising and putting out stock, I’ve recently been trained to do refunds and exchanges, cashing-up, till-checks, fire-alarm-checks, etc, and I’ll be learning more soon. I couldn’t be more excited- I’ve wanted to be able to do all of these things for a long time. But I’ve got my confidence back, generally, and my head is in a much better place.

Even through everything that happened there, in that last year, I miss uni so much. I miss all of the meetups with my course group, working in the library on my assignments and my books, working with my old colleagues, living in the places I’ve lived in, but I’m so much happier now. I’m learning. And I’ve got a lot more experience now. I’m writing and editing my book every free minute I get, so I can meet my October deadline, and then begin submitting it off to agents and the same publisher I sent to, maybe even exactly a year after her first response!

I’m so grateful to everyone who’s helped me in the last few years- friends, family, colleagues, uni friends. If I’ve ever frustrated you or upset you through all of that, I’m sorry. But I guess time changes everything, so we’ll see what happens next!

See you next time,





Book Review: ‘Flawed’ By Cecelia Ahern


Hi book lovers.

So this is my review of one of the very few books that kept me up all night reading. This book kept me hooked from the beginning to the end, and I will definitely recommend that you read it if you enjoy young adult fiction, particularly a good dystopian novel.

The novel focuses on a girl called Celestine, in a world where the imperfect are branded as ‘Flawed’, cast out as different from the rest of society with different bodily markings, relating to which ever error of judgement they may have made. This is a world where in jobs, you are expected to do your best at all times, and if you make bad decisions, or decisions that may go against the government’s rules, you will be Flawed. You are seen not as a criminal, but someone who should not be trusted. This is what Celestine discovers, one day when she sticks up for a branded man on a bus, in front of her boyfriend and her sister, merely by trying to persuade the others on the bus to offer the coughing, and dying, old man a seat. She doesn’t expect the banishment that will come as consequences of her actions, of only trying to do what was right.

Celestine herself was always seen as perfect, with a fair popularity, a perfect boyfriend and perfect to her family, but her actions on this day spiral into a sequence of events that change the rest of her life forever.

This was the author’s first young adult debut. It was wonderfully written, with Celestine’s voice and character coming through effectively. The plot is well paced, keeping you as a reader drawn into what will happen next, as she starts to discover more secrets about her society, and also becomes the reason why those around her start to question what is really good for their world, and that their actions are just not right, fair or appropriate, for anyone.

It’s a typical young adult novel, in many ways, with the main character beginning a revolution against the world enclosing her into this unfair situation, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you enjoy plot twists, captivating characters and original worlds, this book would be perfect for you.

If not, should you brand it as Flawed?

Happy reading,



Book Review: A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas


Hey, book lovers.

So it’s been a long time since I’ve sat down and written a book review on here. I’ve been using my Youtube channel more to post reviews, but tonight I felt like posting my thoughts on one of  my now favourite books by one of my now favourite authors, Sarah J. Maas. Being a hopeful author of a young adult fantasy, fairytale-retelling series myself, I could completely see what was so likeable about this novel before I even picked it up. I’ve always loved Sarah J. Maas’s writing anyway, from reading her ‘Throne of Glass’ series, which follows into ‘Crown of Midnight,’ ‘Heir of Fire’ and ‘Queen of Shadows’, a retelling of the classic fairytale, Cinderella, with focus on Celaena Sardothien, an orphaned slave and assassin who is forced into a huge competition, a fight to be the king’s champion, and for her own promised freedom. I was hooked on that series, the first book being my very favourite, with Celaena beginning her epic battles against the king.

This book, ‘A Court of Thorns and Roses’, was clearly a retelling of the classic fairytale, Beauty and The Beast- and not just judging by the cover. I felt that this book was far more focused on the romance between Feyre and Tamlin, however there were of course the undertones of the tension of their changing world, as a result of the will of the vicious queen, Amarantha. I thought this suited the novel perfectly, despite the inevitable comparisons I was compelled to make to her debut series as mentioned above, which looks in more depth into the damaged world around Celaena, however there are also many romantic scenes and different settings that contribute towards Celaena’s love for others, and herself, in these books. This is not a general comment, but this is just my opinion. I loved the development of the romance between Feyre and Tamlin, the Fae and the human, the beauty and, of course, the beast. Feyre was not dependent on Tamlin so much and she wanted to be freed, but she was more drawn to Tamlin, unlike Celaena, who tended to go off and make her own decisions. These two characters were very different, and I felt it interesting to wonder what it would be like if they were to meet one day. I thought this romance was important, however, because of course it lead Amarantha (and the conflict) to Feyre. Their relationship was tested when Tamlin was taken away and this huge plan to trick a human into loving the high-fae lord and vice versa, or else Tamlin would be forced to remain with Amarantha forever. I might add that there were some very raunchy scenes in this book, more so than I’d seen in any other YA series before.

This book had me laughing out loud so many times. I couldn’t stop reading, and at the time, while I was writing the beginning of a fairytale retelling myself, it was very inspirational. I also thought the description of the novel was very well done, much like that of the ‘Throne of Glass’ series.

The imagery used of the characters and the world reminded me so much of the classic film. The garden and the roses made me think of the tiny rose in the glass case, and the traits of the story were manifested so well.

I’ve never gotten through a book quite so quickly- and I’m not a fast reader at all. Definitely recommend this one, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the series!

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Brief Updates

Hey, book lovers.

So, as always, I’ve been pretty busy! There is sooo much to be updated on that I can’t even tell you, but I’ll try, anyway. Here goes:

  1. I’ve very recently finished university at the University of Bedfordshire, and if you didn’t already know, I studied Creative Writing! Graduating next week with a 2: 2.
  2. I’ve been working with a bookshop company called The Works for two years now (last Sunday, actually), a year and eleven months or so in the Luton store. Then, very recently, I handed my notice in there because I really wanted to move back home to MK (homesick, I guess?) and my store’s area manager came in, saw me working, asked what I was doing when I left and got me a job in the MK store! I was buzzing, and it was such a lovely day! I’ve been working there for a couple of weeks now. Going well and everyone is lovely!
  3. I’ve started editing my YA novel, Silver, again. There is soooo much to be done on it, as this rewrite is mostly in notebook form for now, but it’s gone sooo much better since I started changing it. Yay! That makes me so happy, I can’t even describe to you.
  4. My other novel-series, a retelling of different classic fairytales, is kind of on a pause but I still have so many ideas for that.
  5. I’ve been buying and buying lots of books. I have no self-control. Judge me all you like.
  6. I’ve been reading, loads. I have way too many reviews to post at some point. I’ve been using my Youtube channel to post reviews lately but even those are slacking. I’m becoming a faster reader and my reviewing-mind can’t keep up. Oops. You can find that here, if you wanna browse, AprilGraceReads. Please feel free to subscribe!
  7. The other day, the 12th of July, marks four years since I went to Mozambique and Swaziland with World Challenge with my secondary school. Time flies, huh!
  8. There may be updates on the love life front, but I’m not going to go into that for now. Tehehe. Sorry!
  9. I’ll be attending a hen do and a wedding over the next couple of weeks. That’s gonna be weird.
  10. Life is good.

Thanks for reading,

I need to be more frequent with writing on here.

Happy reading folks!

April 😀


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