Hi, book lovers. This post is, yet another poem! It’s a little more sad. It’s about how sometimes we can feel down, but I know that writing will always be there to make things feel okay. I hope you like it. Please do let me know what you think in the comments section below!


When the darkness falls

during the loneliest hours of the night

and when everything feels far away

when it feels like I’m breaking away into dust

Words written in ink onto pure white paper

they become an unprescribed medicine

a kind of healing for my saddened soul

and make everything feel more real

I find it slightly strange

that a mixture of a few words, utterances and sentences

can cure a life

but I’ll never stop

because when I’m writing words

creating characters

developing stories

that is when I feel the most alive

Sadness becomes something I can conquer

when there is a pen in my hand

the stories lock gentle fingers through mine

and make everything all right

Words may not always hold the most depth

but in the right context, they are a smile

to guide me in the right direction

and to put my broken mind at ease.