Hello, book lovers.

This post, I’m going to do something a little different. I’ve always loved poetry, writing it, reading it, listening to it, so I thought I would share some of my own poetry with you, as this is, after all, a writing blog. In warning, this may not be for those of a more sensitive nature. A lot of my current poems are quite dark, often dark horror and complete fiction, as this one is. Please feel free to go elsewhere if this is not the kind of thing you would like to read, but thank you for looking at the post in the first place.

So here.

Danger’s Flee

Whispers in the wind

a soulful cry

the darkness is coming

thunder in the night

Watchful eyes dance over mournful fingers

as they wander across lonely graves made of stone

Beautiful tragedy

Entwined with sadness, in the house of death

Pain creeps across the concrete

as the shadows loom behind carved, granite names

and moves closer

as a small figure appears


darting between the gravestones

a child

a girl, draped in white

Her lonely terror is hard to hide

as she wades her way throigh the darkness

happiness prolongued and prevented by the chase

of a gunman in the darkest hours of night


a steady scream

as little Erica runs free

guided by the miss of a bullet

She darts through a hole in the fence

on the other side of the cemetery

runs for cover

runs for home

But time hasn’t finished yet

and she is not yet completely free

a gunman with a vengeance

screams through the night

Endless shots are firing out

As Erica’s time is slowly running out

The gunman edges closer


“There’s nowhere you can hide!”

Erica ducks under the shrubbery

Shadowy figures leering over her

And she starts to cry

The night is silent and still, now

as the gunman reaches her hiding place

tears gushing down her cheeks

she clambers to her feet

He is standing only behind her

Enormous over the barrel of his gun

She doesn’t turn

and she doesn’t scream

Erica runs

and she doesn’t look back

down a narrow path

safety is near

light is edging slowly closer

not long until the night is done.

Happy reading!