Hey there, book lovers.

As you can tell by the title of this, I’m sharing another poem! Again, it’s slightly horror-based, so perhaps not for those of nervous or a more sensitive disposition.

But I hope you like it, anyway! Please do let me know what you think in the comments below. I really appreciate feedback on my own work!

It might be interesting to listen to Agnes Obel’s The Curse while you read this, it just has that perfectly eerie feel to the song. And her voice is beautiful, too. You can find the video here:



You can hear their voices in the dusty old room on the upstairs floor

when the lights are dimmed

and all are sleeping peacefully in their beds

conversing, silently.

Speaking of unfulfilled tales and lost dreams

of past lives

an eerie kind of compassion amongst the depths.

A single flame has been lit.

One burning light

simmering away the wick of a candle

in the night’s shadowy silence.

A figure appears.

Footsteps leaping down stone steps


‘Who goes there?’

Not quite awake.

But when the darkness comes

there is no escaping the disturbed.


they can be deadly.

Once a spirit has been awakened

from one ghostly slumber

another’s bundle’s utterances disturbed

there is nowhere to run.

The man feels the shadows around him growing bigger


becoming more and more, and more


Whispers and screams he has never heard before

they are circling around him


he falls.

He cannot see

but he knows there is something there

feels the shivers vibrating through his bones

a single slice.

Pain rippling through his body

a searing pain like no other

he screams

and then there is nothing but silence.

And all memories of the night are gone.

Happy reading!