Hey, book lovers. Another poem for you! I hope you like it. This one’s a little more cheerful than the others. Just imagine a man and a woman, sitting by a fireplace in a stately home, during the winter.

Winter’s Embrace

The winter is cold

and the fire is blazing

glistening reflected flames

in the pupils of him, and of her

Their silence speaks a thousand truths

and all is calm, now

nothing can be said

that is left unsaid

For words make no sense

when love is just a glance

between two faces

and two pairs of eyes

She reads a novel of three hundred thousand words

though uncaring of the amount

for her mind is elsewhere

on thoughts left unspoken

In his hands is the daily paper

stories of interrupted truths on each unique page

for in his mind’s eye

is the green-eyed redhead he so often dreams about

She is beautiful

he thinks

He is kind

she whispers



The names spoken simultaneously

Then comes a pause

Neither knowing what to say

or think

and so the silence again transpires

an adoring glance to save a love

“What shall we do tomorrow?”

She asks

“Worry when it arrives.”

He says

And as they embrace

saving all well-mannered grace

on this careful eve

their love grows stronger still

Happy reading!