Hey, book lovers. So I’m posting another short piece of fiction of mine. I’m quite proud of this one and I really hope you like it. This story is something that came out of a task we were asked to do in our first few weeks of my Creative Writing degree late last year, one where we were given a short story about a young couple who find an angel, a very old man with messy, broken wings, and the story was really well written. Our lecturer asked us to write our own short story of about 500 words that was inspired by this story. This is my own personal story that I wrote from that. Please let me know what you think!

A Very Mysterious Child With Tiny Wings

The car sped to a halt as the boom pierced the country night air. The tyres screeching against the asphalt, the car slammed into an oak tree at the side of the deserted road. As the car alarm blurted its warning signal and shards of shattered glass bled onto the empty road, the driver’s door was flung open and a young man stumbled out onto the road, clutching an empty beer bottle. His dark hair fell in curls against his neck. He wore a dark shirt with grey stripes over a pair of dark jeans and converse. Blood streaming down one side of his face, he slammed the door shut and called out to his brother’s girlfriend, a tall, slim woman with curly red hair and narrow facial features. The crash had caused only limited injuries.

They stumbled around to the back of the car, both tripping in their intoxication. ‘George,’ the woman slurred, ‘What’s happenin’?’

‘We hit somethin’, Lucy’.’ said George, stumbling through the shrubbery.

Lucy stared back at her boyfriend’s younger brother with a puzzled expression. ‘Lucy, get over here!’ called George. Lucy followed his instructions, surprised at the sudden interest in the shrubbery he had bent down to scrutinize. ‘There’s something in the grass.’

She stalked over to join him, surprised and intrigued, as the pair began to sober up.

‘What is it?’ she asked, bending down beside him to where he was kneeling, holding something in his arms. She gazed down at the tiny being. Hidden under a black blanket was a small bundle with a tiny nose, two dark blue eyes and a curved little mouth.

‘A baby,’ George replied. ‘I found him just here at the foot of the tree.’

Lucy stopped to take the baby from George’s arms, now completely sober, feeling only concern. She studied his little face, half-open eyes and soft skin. Where did this baby come from? Why was he here?

She made her decision. ‘Let’s take him home.’ she said. ‘I’ll take care of him.’

George nodded and headed for the front door. Lucy followed, holding the baby in her arms.

It didn’t take long to reach her suburban house. They headed inside, wondering what to do next. George ran up the stairs with the slightest ounce of hesitation. ‘I’ll just get us a fresh blanket,’ he said. ‘He must be cold.’

Lucy nodded and placed the baby down onto the leather couch. She turned and headed quickly into the kitchen, turning around to check that he hadn’t already vanished into thin air.

But as she appeared back in the kitchen, she stared, stunned. For sat up on the sofa was the baby, in his hands a tiny golden bow and arrow. He giggled and turned so that Lucy could see clearly two tiny silver wings. He got to his feet and placed the arrow into position in the bow, pulled back and released. The arrow pierced her chest just as George appeared in the doorway of the kitchen.

And his face was both the first and the last thing she saw.

I hope you liked it! Please let me know!

Happy reading!