Hey, book lovers.

So, today, at uni, we had a session where a friend of mine was giving us a slight ‘teaching session’, as she wants to go into primary teaching after university. She gave us various tasks, and a min 5 minute writing session, where we could write anything, but the only rule was that we weren’t allowed to cross out any mistakes we might have made;,It worked pretty well, and she did a good job of it! We all wrote something completely random. This was all I could think of at the time.

The morning was bright, a crimson sky with a rising sun. I gazed out, transfixed, upon the growing day, and waited for the others to arrive, but no one came and I was alone. I walked across a field that stretched out far ahead, as if for miles, hearing no sound but the wind through the trees and a bird calling out in a distant tree.

Yeah, it’s not much. I’m not the fastest writer in the world, especially in on-the-spot tasks like this, but it was pretty fun, and I think it worked. I love description, as you can probably see.

For now, happy reading.

April 😀