Hello, book lovers.

This post is going to be something a little different to my usual book reviews and Why do we write? posts.

As you may have read in my About Me page, I am a writer. I’m a Creative Writing student at the University of Bedfordshire. I like to write my own stuff just as much as I love to read. So in this post, I thought I would share with you a little bit of my own internet writing presence, my Wattpad stories!

I’m not published. I have written a novel which I am trying to get published at the moment through agents, but unfortunately have not been too successful with. I am also writing another, which I will have done by the middle of this year at least, (as soon as I have finished my assessments that are due in May). They are two completely different novels, but the one I am writing at the moment is more of the YA genre than the first, like the ones I am about to show you.

Admittedly, this book/story on Wattpad was written when I was around fifteen, and I’m now 19. It is not the best quality of writing I have done, but I have been told the premise of the story is good, so I will share it with you in case you wish to read it.

So, here you go.


Happy reading!