Hello, book lovers.

I’ve become a bit of a book fanatic over the last few weeks, and I now have a shockingly large collection compared to the amount I owned before moving to University. Of course, I’ve been planning on doing book reviews on this blog and I tend to review each and every one after I have read it. I am a Creative Writing student and, perhaps with some naivety, I feel like these are a necessity. Perhaps others on my course would feel the same, I certainly have friends who do.

I have a hunger for going into book shops like Waterstones (when I’m back in Milton Keynes as unfortunately there is not one in Luton), WH Smiths, John Smiths University Shop and more recently, The Works.

Waterstones has always been my favourite book shop, I will have to admit. I adore book shops of all kinds but something just draws me to this one in particular, (perhaps the fact that there is a Costa on the upstairs floor and that this is the place where I used to go to do most of my writing before University as I did not own a desk then). So, basically, I’m a book fanatic. And this is my favourite shop. WH Smiths is equally awesome, though. They’re usually around the same kind of price here, aswell. I’m more of a YA lover but I go for any genre, but still novels like The Hunger Games, Divergent, Noughts and Crosses, The Fault in Our Stars are the kind of thing I like to read. I am looking into different genres however, especially for my course.

John Smiths University Shop is in Luton town centre and is a great bookshop with books of all different genres, from fiction to everything non-fiction related, educational books mostly but others of different ranges, and they also sell lots of stationery and art equipment and many other things. The Works is another good bookshop that I really love, because the books they sell are always cheap. I went in there today and bought three books for £5! These are books I have seen in shops like Waterstones and WH Smiths that are usually of around £6.99, and I usually buy books that I have heard lots of good things about through reviews on the internet.

I will be posting many reviews of the books I read, and each one from my collection on my bookshelf in my room will be included. (Seriously, I just counted them all, there are 63, my shelf is now full and I think it might just break soon.)

So, my friends, basically watch this space as there will be plenty to come very soon!