Hey, book lovers.

I wanted to do a short post on something I’ve been doing an awful lot of, recently. With one of my novels, I’ve been going through the process of rewriting and editing, an awful lot.

I’d never gone so fully into editing a piece as I have for this novel, to be honest. I do it a lot with my short story pieces for university, as I study Creative Writing, but never for a piece of this length. I’ve found that it’s difficult, complex, and a little tiring, but it makes it worthwhile when you know you’ve improved the story in some way, when you are able to tell people that what once had little story, for example, now feels a lot fuller. That’s probably the best way I can describe it. This process has become more interesting now, because I am considering every little character, every part of my protagonist and her story on her travels through New York, with the discovery she has made to the way she is at present.

I know, through reading and in my lectures, and just in writing the sequel to the book, what it will take to make this book far more readable. I’m being brutal and cutting out unnecessary words and phrases, repetition, similes and metaphors that don’t relate, and trying to fine tune it as much as I possibly can. And I’ve even added in a few chapters and the word count is more lengthy now, but I’m proud of the extracts I have added and feel they give it more weight.

It will never, ever be easy. But I think I’m starting to find my new view on it, and it’s affecting the way I edit my smaller pieces, too. I’m improving, I think, even if I tend to make a lot of mistakes in my first drafts. But I guess that’s what they’re for!

What do you think about the editing and rewriting process?