Hey, book lovers.

So as you will know if you’ve read my recent book review of Dance of Ashes by Yelena Black, I’ve been very busy working on assessments due for the first year of my degree in Creative Writing at the University of Bedfordshire. Like many others on this website that I’ve come across, reading and writing are everything to me, and I want to of course keep writing and to develop my craft in the subject in order to write the best possible books I can! Because isn’t that what every writer wants? To be able to create a book or story that is the best you can write. And this is coming from someone who’s friends now are mostly writers. Before University I didn’t know personally anyone who had written a novel. Well, now I do!

So, this post is a little different to my usual book reviews. I haven’t posted on here much because I’ve been so busy but I want to get back into posting regular content and I still have a lot of books left to talk about, so I won’t be going anywhere soon. Moving swiftly on, I thought I’d talk about the first four assessments I wrote for my first year. I may do another post about my most recent stories soon, but just as soon as our work has all been handed back and we’ve received our feedback and grades.

There were four units, all with their different topics and requirements. There were two assessments due for each of these modules; one due for each module in January and the second batch being due in May.

Writers Reading

This unit is very much like the title. We write a story that in some way links to our reading during our time on the course. I read an awful lot of Young Adult novels, so my piece for this unit was based on The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, a short story fanfiction/adaptation piece called A Touch Of Death. I was happy to receive a B+ for this piece, a happy 13 out of 16 marks.

Writing Practices

The requirements here were simply to write a short-story piece. It could be about anything, it just depended on the form. For this piece I wrote a dystopian fiction piece. I got a C for this one.

Composition 1

The requirements for this unit were that you could write pretty much any form of writing; poetry, a short story, a script, etc. My short story for this one was about finding love after experiencing grief. I got another C for this one.

Creative Writing Theory and Practice

For this one, you could write in any form as long as you involved in your contextual study (a kind of essay that goes with each creative piece, discussing and explaining your aims and objectives and what went well and what didn’t) some kind of theory that could be linked to your story. Mine was an extract of a novel that I am going to be writing about a girl called Anna who receives a letter on the doorstep from her mother from birth and realises that she is actually adopted. She is angry, and in the chapter decides to run away and find her loving mother from the address given to her in the letter. I was able to link this to the theories of Freud and Jung and spoke a lot about the genre. I had thought this was my weakest piece when I submitted them but I actually received some amazing feedback and an equally amazing A-, both of which made me very happy indeed.

I will talk about the recent four stories in another post, but they are still going through the marking process and so I think it would be better to keep them as four little secrets for now. I was pretty happy with these stories overall and received some wonderful feedback from my lecturers. So I’m so proud of myself for completing all of these and am now just awaiting the feedback and results for the last lot!

And for now, happy reading! I’m off to read the sequel to Night School by C.J Daugherty now, Legacy. It’s good so far. There will be a review up soon, plus my friend’s even leant me the sequel that comes after it so I’m pretty excited for that one too, as I’ve been really drawn into this series.