Hey, book lovers.

So, in university, studying Creative Writing, we sometimes have the opportunity to meet people from the writing industry. Today, we met local author Mike French and the illustrator of his graphic novel, Karl Brown. Both had a really good working dynamic between them, and it was quite funny to watch, but they both seemed like really nice people, who were happy to come in and speak to us final years about the industry. I found it really useful, considering I’m kind of in the position Mike was once in, with trying to send out my novels.

The book is his fourth published, and is about a novel-writing android. Karl has designed many of his drawings of his own accord, with Mike giving him free reign in many ways. I’d never actually met a published author face-to-face before, so it was interesting. I really enjoyed the session, and their Q&A really made me realise that this is what I want to do.

You can find the book and read the full description here: An Android Awakes Amazon

I love sessions like these. It makes me feel like maybe one day it can happen, for me, too. I just have to be determined enough!

For now, happy reading 😀